20 years of innovation,Leader in home storage

As early as its establishment in 2003, TAILI launched the "new storage" strategy, aiming at human life in the new era and producing "first-class" products. Throughout the various technical fields, from manual air pump exhaust to air free compression exhaust, from adhesive hook to vacuum sucker. All kinds of innovative storage technologies of TAILI have revolutionized the life of consumers.
Therefore, TAILI has formulated a detailed R & D promotion plan. In addition, while developing and cultivating new markets, TAILI also increases investment in R & D and the cultivation of core talents. Through continuous investigation and Research on various needs of consumers, we can achieve in-depth understanding of customers, and finally design excellent products that resonate with customers.


Original value that cannot be imitated

In the face of similar competitive products, we always focus on meeting the needs of current consumers. Therefore, we chose destructive innovation to break the original technology concept and create new products. Tailey, for example, brought compression bags into the age of no pump. When the industry improved the oil well pump, TAILI first gave up the auxiliary tools, started with the structure of the air valve, invented the no vacuum compression bag, and created a new era of no vacuum.

To take the hard core technology route, we must have a faster thinking speed and always be in the forefront of the industry. In special times, excellent products are often copied quickly. 

Therefore, TAILI has applied for its own technology since 2004, and has obtained more than 600 international patents, and has established an authority in the field of vacuum storage that cannot be copied.

Adapt to the trend? It's better to create the trend
Once in the field of suspension storage, viscose products occupied the mainstream position. After a long period of product research, TAILI not only recognized the market, but also did not recognize the viscose products. Therefore, TAILI set up a technical innovation Committee at the group level and hired senior vacuum research experts to join the team. In this way, more than 30 scientific researchers have joined in the fight against the "trend", and they have decided to use technology to create a new "trend".
After more than 3000 tests, the vacuum sucker was born. Just a little press, it can absorb the wall, no damage to the wall, no trace. A series of supporting products have been developed to meet the suspension storage demand of the whole house. This move completely broke the era of viscose, into a new trend of vacuum suspension.


Brand responsibility: To build a good ecology of the storage industry.

The responsibility of TAILI lies in providing high-quality household storage products for global consumers, and also in optimizing the ecology of the storage industry. Driven by a high degree of independent innovation, TAILI has expanded its global influence, gradually promoted the popularization of the storage concept with its own efforts, and built a good ecology of the storage industry. In recent years, TAILI Research Institute has been leading the world in science and technology, creating a better life for consumers of hundreds of millions of families around the world.


TAILI's history is more than just the stores we've built, the partnerships we've made and the customers We've served. So much of our history is in the details. See how TAILI began, how we've grown and how our leadership has changed the household storage industry.


TAILI was founded in Zhongshan,China. At the very beginning, small scale and poor environment are the initial situation of TAILI.

The business operation of the company was very simple.  At that time, employees relied on phone calls to get orders for the company.

Today, TAILI has developed from a small workshop to a very large-scale enterprise.


In January 2004, TAILI applied for the first patent technology, which was granted in January 2005, thus "TAILI Technology" was born. Since then, TAILI began to focus on the development of exclusive patented technology.


In 2005, TAILI fully opened up the modern retail channel, officially settled in the mainstream chain system,and became the global supplier of Walmart, Carrefour, Costco, Lidl and other retail giants.


In 2007, TAILI was awarded the title of " Advantage Enterprise of Intellectual Property ". Since its establishment, for brand development, TAILI has insist on the development path of "scientific and technological innovation" and lead the development of the home storage industry.


In 2008, TAILI became a Chinese space product development enterprise. TAILI vacuum compression bags, along with the Tiangong, Shenzhou, Tianzhou, and other series of spacecraft have been into space seven times.


The company's employees witnessed the launch of TAILI products into space together with the spaceship.


In 2008, in order to meet the production capacity demand brought by the rapid development of the company, TAILI group decided to set up Hubei TAILI company in Jingshan, Hubei Province. 


In April 2010, TAILI Hubei Industrial Park was established.

Today, the TAILI group, which is in Zhongshan headquarters, has made great progress.

Factory production has developed from the initial manual production to the modern precision equipment production.

Live broadcasting has become a new form to help the development of TAILI e-commerce.  TAILI began to build up its own high-quality professional design team and strong forces.  The live broadcast team, the photography team and the photography base were successfully established.


By the end of June 2019, TAILI has filed more than 600 patented technologies worldwide. With technological innovation and superior quality, TAILI has become a model of "New Chinese Enterprise”.

In December 2019, TAILI was awarded the title of "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise". TAILI products has been exported to 168 countries and regions, including North America,Europe,Japan,South Korea etc. 


In July 2020, "TAILI E-Commerce Asia Pacific Operation Center", "TAILI Business School", "TAILI Photo Base" and "TAILI Live Broadcasting Base" were established.

In November 2020, TAILI's intelligent workshop with unmanned production lines was completed.


In January 2021, TAILI was awarded the title of "Excellent Enterprise of Zhongshan Live Broadcasting E-Commerce". With the efforts of the TAILI Live broadcasting department and all TAILI people, TAILI live e-commerce has achieved explosive development.

Due to business development of the company, since May 11, 2021, Zhongshan TAILI Household Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been renamed to Guangdong TAILI Technology Group Co., Ltd. The business of Zhongshan TAILI Household Products Manufacturing Co., Ltd. shall be operated by Guangdong TAILI Technology Group Co., Ltd. 


TAILI has never stopped moving forward.  No matter how much progress we have made,we are constantly innovating to meet customer expectations.  our aim is to always offer sustainable, high-quality products to create a better life for every family.