TAILI Group Corporate Culture Philosophy


To provide customers with comfortable home storage solutions and services, and to continuously create maximum value for customers.

TAILI's style:

Quick response and immediate execution.

TAILI's values: 

Gratitude, honesty, cooperation and dedication.



To be the global leader of high-class home storage industry

Corporate Responsibility

Responsibility to employees: build a career platform and create a happy life.

TAILI attaches importance to talent development, reasonable training and utilization of talent resources, and continuous empowerment to continuously improve the comprehensive ability of talents to create greater value for the company and society. 

TAILI Business School

TAILI Group attaches importance to talent training and has set up a special learning place for talent training - TAILI Business School. The business school includes 4 professional classrooms, book corner, lecturer's office, free activity space and academic debriefing hall which can accommodate 300 people, aiming to cultivate more quality talents through planned and systematic training. We train and utilize the talent resources reasonably, and empower them continuously to improve their comprehensive ability and create more value for the company and the society.

Responsibility to customers: providing satisfactory services and pursuing permanent win-win situation.

By virtue of technological innovation and craftsmanship quality, TAILI stands at the forefront of the development of the times, adheres to the mission of "providing comfortable home storage solutions and services for customers and continuously creating maximum value for customers", and is committed to achieving the vision of "creating a better family life that enriches the public". We are committed to the vision of "creating a better home life for the public".

TAILI has been deeply involved in the vertical subdivision of household storage. Our products help solve the organizing and storage problems for wardrobes, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, balconies, travel, etc. TAILI provides one-stop solution to home and travel for every family all over the world. 

Responsibility to shareholders: sustainable development and stable returns.

TAILI Group's product sales channels cover online and offline, domestic and overseas, etc. It has a perfect production line and mature supply chain system, and has strong anti-risk ability. At the same time, in order to have a better development, TAILI Group, originally as a traditional manufacturing enterprise, looks at the long term and is brave enough to transform into Internet e-commerce.

Responsibility to society: Shaping excellent enterprises and developing social economy.

TAILI has been actively engaged in social welfare undertakings such as loving the elderly, helping students, helping the poor, disaster relief and environmental protection, and has been awarded the title of "Caring Enterprise" by the Red Cross for eight consecutive years.

Rich corporate culture activities