How to Choose the Right Storage Bags so You Don't Overpay-TAILI-group


Why you need vacuum storage bags

So, you have a bunch of extra stuff at home that you don’t want to throw away, but you don’t have room for, either. You’ve already Kondo-ed everything, getting rid of what you don’t need or doesn’t spark joy.  You’ve triple checked all the potential storage spots in your house—the attic, basement, crawlspaces, under the stairs—and you’re all out of space. What if you use vacuum storage bags to minimize the volume
If you agree, here I recommend TAILI vacuum storagebag to you.

High Quality Vacuum Storage Bags- TAILI-group

TAILI Group is expert in vacuum technology. Till the end of 2019, TAILI has owned over 600 patents in China, Europe, Korea, Japan, Russia, America and over 20 trademarks globally. It was qualified by many certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 28000, BSCI. We are the outstanding supplier of the retail giants such as IKEA, Walmart ,Carrefour, Lidl and so on.


There are 4 types of vacuum storage bags for you to choose. They are flat bag, cube bag,travel roll bag and hanging bag. The most important component of the bag is our air valve, which is our exclusive patent design. With this valve, you can vacuum the storage bag by hand pressing, sitting, hand pump and vacuum cleaner in seconds. And it is able to save you 70% of space.

But what size do you need? Get one that’s too big, and you’re paying for room you need. Get one that’s too small, and you’re facing the same problem you started with.

Flat storage bags:

·45*70 cm

·Shirts / Trousers / T-shirt: 10-20 pieces

·Sweaters: 4-6 pieces

·Down jacket: 3-4 pieces

·Thin quit: 2-3 pieces

·56*80 cm

·Shirts / Trousers / T-shirt: 15-20 pieces

·Sweaters: 8-10 pieces

·Down jacket: 5-8 pieces

·Thin quit: 5-7 pieces

·80*100 cm

·Shirts / Trousers / T-shirt: 25-30 pieces

·Sweaters: 10-15 pieces

·Down jacket: 8-10 pieces

·Thin quit: 8-12 pieces

For cube storage bags:

·One to two small cubes can accommodate all clothes of a person in a quarter.

·One to two medium cubes can almost accommodate seasonal clothes for a family of three.

·Large cubes can be used to store those large quilts and blankets.

Why Choose TAILI-group

It’s the most obvious upgrade, but it’s so effective, it has to be said.   While some may be for sheets, shoes, or sports equipment not currently in use, they can also be used for your everyday clothes.

The process of tidying up is not very interesting, but it is likely that you will like the extra space more than before. I hope this guide will help you keep your home under your control,and so as to your life.

Trust TAILI, trust vacuum storage bags can bring you a brand-new home and more freshness.