How to Organize Your Messy Home Through The Cleverest Ways


Why you need to Organize Your Messy Home?

If you feel a mild surge of defeat every time you enter your closet—clothes on the floor, not enough space, unpacked boxes—we see you. In addition to the old standbys of installing shelves and putting out-of-season clothes in labeled bins until you need them again, behold these simple storage hacks that can instantly change how your closet looks and feels.


Although most of us aren’t getting on flights, taking road trips or checking into hotels for the time being, we can still make use of all of the travel accessories we’ve collected to make our lives easier on our life. If you have any of the stuff below rolling around in your otherwise empty suitcase, pull it out of storage and put it to use now.


Pack up your workstation with packing cubes

Working from home can be as messy as it is stressful. By the end of the day, your home office (or kitchen counter, dining table or bed) can end up looking like a tsunami hit it. One solution: packing cubes. Traditionally used to organize your luggage, packing cubes can be put to use at home when you need the same level of organization for your myriad work items.

  • Designating a packing cube specifically for your electronics and power cords. This will keep your cords from getting      tangled and your electronics protected.
  • Organize important documents into a separate cube.
  • Use smaller cubes for pens/pencils, paper clips and other office supplies and accessories you use throughout      your work day.
  • Stack your cubes on one corner of a table or desk      to keep the area clear and reduce clutter.

Everything will be all set for use the next day, and you can transport them easily if your workspace is a constantly moving target.


TAILI's Vacuum Storage Bag Solution

If you are looking for some simple solutions for your messy closet, there is also a corresponding cube for storage and carrying - that is our cube vacuum storage bag.

Thanks to the bottom has been widen,this cube little thing will make your closet feel less like a small garbage station and more like a new hotel you just moved in.

It's hard to imagine how many clothes can be contained in these cubes after air extraction. For example,

l  One to two small cubes can accommodate all clothes of a person in a quarter.

l  One to two medium cubes can almost accommodate seasonal clothes for a family of three.

l  Large cubes can be used to store those large quilts and blankets.

It’s the most obvious upgrade, but it’s so effective, it has to be said.   While some may be for sheets, shoes, or sports equipment not currently in use, they can also be used for your everyday clothes—which brings us to our next point. These cubes will have specific areas for you to leave labels.

The process of tidying up is not very interesting, but it is likely that you will like the extra space more than before. I hope this guide will help you keep your home under your control,and so as to your life.