Using Vacuum Sealed Bags for Travelling: The Best Way to Save Luggage Space

  • Why Do You Need a Vacuum Storage Bag for Travelling?

In order not to take three suitcases of the most necessary things with you, going on a trip, you can use vacuum seal storage bags that will reduce the volume occupied by half, or even more. And this is just one of the options for using such packages.

In traditional storage, not only clothes take up space, but also air, so even neatly folded things require a lot of free space. This is especially true for down jackets, overalls, and blankets.

This is a very common way to store things. Packages are popular with everyone because vacuum storage bags have many advantages.

A vacuum case is needed so that bulky items take up as little space as possible; for this, the air is sucked out of it with a vacuum cleaner. This reduces the volume by 2-4 times.


  • How to Use Vacuum Bags?

For compact and durable packing of things, you must follow the instructions.

Used Washed and Dried Clothing

All items of clothing must be washed and dried well in advance. It is better to iron and air everything before cleaning in bags. Only dry and clean clothes are to be stored. If the material is wet and dirty, then even in a vacuum it will smell bad and deteriorate.

Sort Out Things in A Sequence

It's good to sort things the way you want. For example, you can sort them by purpose, size, the season of application, and shelf life. Fold each item so that all hard parts do not come into contact with the vacuum seal storage bags. This includes fittings. You can fold clothes inside out or just hide all the rough parts inside.

Avoid Deformation

One bag can contain one or more items. It is necessary to ensure that the items lie sufficiently freely and the bag is not tight. Otherwise, the products may be damaged or deformed. Before closing the bag, you need to test, that is, fasten and unfasten the fastener. When the bag is overloaded, it will be difficult to close it.


  • How to complete the packaging process with vacuum seal storage bags?

  1. To complete the packaging process, remove the valve cover and open it. Pulling air out of the vacuum seal storage bags can occur in different ways. When packages are sold with a pump, it is easier to operate - just connect and activate it

  2. If there was no pump in the kit, then you can use any similar device. For example, the package may have a connector for connecting a vacuum cleaner.

  3. It is better to pump out the air at a slow pace so that the vacuum seal storage bags for clothes shrink without deforming things. When the vacuum is reached, close the valve. Compression bags do not close the same way as models with a valve. In the case of compression vacuum seal storage bags, you need to not completely close the clasp, and then start folding it.

  4. When you pack things in bags, you will see that they have become much less space. Once you've finished packing, arrange the bags on the shelves and drawers. During the packaging process, remember that almost all air must be drawn out of the vacuum seal storage bags for clothes.

It is necessary to obtain a reduction in size by 2 or more times at the output. When the packaging is soft and voluminous, it means that the sealing is not yet complete and you need to try to remove more air

  • Taili High-Quality Vacuum Seal Storage Bags for Travelling

We offer a variety of high-quality vacuum storage bags for traveling that are designed to keep your items safe and secure while you travel, as well as to save space in your suitcase. Our vacuum storage bags come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles to fit your specific needs.

  • TAILI Waterproof Plastic Zip Lock Bag

For traveling, the best company for vacuum storage bags is Zip Lock Bag.

  1. Zip Lock vacuum seal storage bags for clothes are made from durable, multi-layer material that protects items from moisture, dirt, and odors.

  2. Vacuum seal storage bags come in a variety of sizes to suit different needs, from small bags for jewelry and other small items to large bags for bulky items like blankets and pillows.

  3. The airtight seal keeps items secure; while the clear sides let you see what's inside.

  4. They're also reusable and easy to use, making them an ideal choice for travelers looking to make the most of their luggage space.

  • Flat Vacuum Storage Bag

  1. TAILI New Unique Valve Technology, 2 in 1 is simply suitable for common vacuum cleaners.

  2. When zipping the bag, TAILI color-changeable zippers can assist you in determining whether the vacuum seal storage bags are properly sealed or not.

  3. These vacuum space-saving bags are watertight, and airtight, and will protect your garments from dust and keep them odor-free for a long time.

  4. They also keep your garments watertight and airtight. You may gain 80% more space in closets, wardrobes, basements, lofts, garages, and baggage by using our vacuum seal storage bags for clothes.

  5. Stay-on clip design and no need for caps. No more wasting time and room storing accessories or worrying about lost clips and caps.

Are there any disadvantages to using a vacuum storage bag for packing your suitcase?

  • Are There Any Disadvantages?

Like any other product, vacuum seal storage bags have their small disadvantages:

  • not suitable for food storage;
  • every six months it is necessary to open the bag to ventilate      things;
  • you can easily pierce the package, thereby violating its      tightness;
  • after use, things look very wrinkled, creases are formed that      are difficult to smooth out.

The most important of them is not very good protection from external damage. It is also important to take into account that additional costs will await you - you will need to buy film, bags, trays, and containers for the vacuum unit.

However, it is immediately worth remembering the benefits that you get - significant savings in time and money by buying more vegetables and fruits at competitive prices, as well as their long-term storage. All this will eventually pay off all the costs.

  • Summary

Everyone knows that reliable packaging is the face of a business. Taili is a leading vacuum storage bag manufacturer that specializes in the production and sale of polyethylene and paper products for your business. We build our history on the development of trust and long-term partnerships.

Thanks to excellent production and the use of modern equipment, we successfully fulfill orders of any volume. We believe that our vacuum seal storage bags will fulfill your packaging requirements.