TAILI in the 115th China general merchandise Fair


On July 22, 2021, the 115th China general merchandise Fair (hereinafter referred to as the Department Store Fair) was held as scheduled. The department store will cover the whole industrial chain of household and daily use department store industry, with big names gathered and surging. The first day of the opening ushered in the peak of people flow. As a comprehensive trade exhibition for the domestic department store industry to release new products, purchase trade and information exchange, the department store will closely track the development trend of the industry, actively comply with the industrial trend, and provide strong support for the acceleration of the whole household daily department store industry.


As a cooperative enterprise in China's aerospace product development, TAILI products have been put into space for 10 times. Establish a product research base, adhere to independent R & D and innovation, and integrate scientific and technological elements into home storage products. The brand has been established for 22 years and has always adhered to the subdivision of home storage. Combined with the above brand elements, TAILI exhibition hall brings the audience an immersive experience of new cool technology, which makes countless visitors stop to visit. The scene is very popular.


Every product breakthrough of TAILI is the innovation of science and technology and technology. At this exhibition, TAILI carried the world's attention, perceived the heartbeat of the times, heavily exhibited cutting-edge black technology storage products, and unlocked the smart home storage technology of the new era from multiple dimensions such as new technology, new materials, new structure and new functions.

The TAILI vacuum compression bag air valve, which focuses on "no air extraction", is upgraded again, and the latest Xunfeng Pro air valve can realize easy exhaust in 1.68 seconds. A stack of thick clothes can be vacuumized and vented in only 1.68 seconds, which can easily realize faster, more efficient and convenient storage, and the patented air valve can achieve the effect of effective moisture-proof, mildew proof and dust-proof.

Technology comes from life, only to better serve life. TAILI's many "black technology" high-value storage products subvert the traditional storage methods, so that the home is not only a living space, but also a harbor that can carry unlimited imagination of a better life.

As a large-scale professional exhibition of the home industry, the popular trend of home products at the department store also leads the aesthetic direction of the whole industry. TAILI's new vacuum storage bag without air extraction tools and vacuum suction cup without damaging the wall are bound to set off an upsurge in the industry. TAILI Technology Group always adheres to scientific and technological innovation, constantly meets the personalized needs of consumers, provides younger and diversified product choices, and creates a quality home life for more consumers.