Double 11 National Shopping Carnival, TAILI new products launched


Double 11 national shopping carnival, this year ushered in the 13th year. With the recent general cooling of the country, it is time for seasonal storage. Clothing and quilt storage products have become a popular category on e-commerce platforms in this double 11 campaign.

In the first wave of the Double 11 pre-sale, home storage brand Tai Li launched a lot of popular items and many surprising discounts for consumers, full of sincerity to help consumers build a quality and beautiful home life. During the period, TAILI hanging vacuum storage bag was again on the live broadcast of Li Jiaqi, and got single sales of over 46,000 pieces, and the estimated sales will exceed 7 Mio, which is a record high of TAILI brand single sales. "Buy storage bags, use TAILI" has become the common knowledge of Li Jiaqi's live fans.


Double 11 brands gather to introduce new products, "chasing the new" has become a new consumer trend

During the Double 11 promotion period, the major e-commerce platforms flowed together, and consumer interest in consumption was high. More and more brands released the most important new products of the year on Double 11. During the promotion period, the superimposed full discount, half price, vouchers, gift packages and other promotional activities have made the sale of brand new products widely sought after by consumers.

"Chasing the new" has become a consumption habit for most consumers. "Chasing the new" is not only a pure purchase behavior, but also reflects the positive lifestyle and attitude of consumers to pursue quality.

This year's Double Eleven, TAILI not only launched new vacuum storage bags with Li Jiaqi and other big names, but also came with a number of creative new products! In the field of TAILI vacuum storage bags, the launch of the pattern innovation "spring" series, "little bear" series, the Chinese fad "cloud crane" series vacuum storage bags, change the previous TAILI neutral style. At the same time, the launch of innovative TAILI fabric vacuum storage bags is eye-catching.  Fabric material is flexible, more wear-resistant and puncture-resistant, more extensive use scenarios.

In the field of food vacuum preservation and vertical storage, TAILI launched the "Little Blue Valve" vacuum zipper bag, which is a breakthrough in valve technology, and the TAILI Black Gold suction cup kitchen organizer items, which are upgraded in function and appearance, all of which are loved by consumers and have been ordered by them.


Double 11 this year, rational consumption, quality first, happy shopping

With the 80s and 90s becoming the main force of consumption, consumers' consumption concepts continue to upgrade and change. They enjoy life, pay attention to quality and function, pay attention to technological content, dare to try new things, are easy to accept new thing, and pursue popular styles. TAILI products continue to update and iterate, and actively introduce new ones to bring consumers more diversified home storage products to improve the quality of life.

Innovative trendy black technologies such as the TAILI vacuum storage technology with compression in 1.68 seconds, the clothing positioning technology with intelligent compression management, and the TAILI vacuum suction cup installed in 1 second, unlock a convenient, intelligent and comfortable home experience for consumers in the new era and quality of life, refreshed their impression of home storage products, and won the favor of mainstream people.

During the double 11 pre-sale period, at the Golden Wheat Quality Award known as the "E-commerce Oscar", TAILI pump-free Compression Bag stood out from more than 100 brands and more than 200 products and won the award. This is not only a strong testimony to the quality of TAILI products, but also represents consumers' recognition and love for TAILI.

As a leader in the storage industry, the TAILI brand has been adhering to the road of technological innovation for 22 years. At present, TAILI has obtained nearly a thousand product patents around the world, and has gradually developed into a national high-tech enterprise.

Each unique TAILI home storage product contains the craftsmanship and innovative spirit of TAILI brand, which creates premium storage products from upgrading user experience.

Double 11 activities continue, rational consumption, home storage, quality first, happy shopping. TAILI flagship stores of major platforms are open to grab quality goods, more surprises discounts are waiting for you!