Do Vacuum Seal Storage Bags Ruin Clothes?

  • What Are Vacuum Storage Bags?

Folk wisdom says: "To make room for the new, you need to get rid of something old." We will tell you how to free up a lot of space in the apartment, just by properly packing bulky things in vacuum seal storage bags.

Vacuum bags are dominating our lives, especially because this bag is one of the most important articles for housewives. They are specially designed for the careful storage of warm blankets and pillows, home textiles, down jackets, jackets, sweaters, and seasonal children's clothing.

 With their help, overall things will take up 2-3 times less space, and perfect order will reign on your shelves.

The vacuum storage bags are packaging bags made of very dense polyethylene (up to 100 microns) with a zip-lock fastener and an air vent valve.

The principle of operation is based on the properties of vacuum-airless space. By reducing the pressure in a closed bag, we create an environment in which oxidation processes slow down, thermal conductivity and moisture absorption decrease, and conditions for the life of living organisms disappear.

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  • Varieties of Vacuum Bags and Features of Their Use

The range of vacuum seal storage bags for clothes is extensive; it abounds in size, and differs in quality and purpose. Consider the main varieties.

  • Vacuum Seal Storage Bags with Valve

It is designed for home storage, and is indispensable for moving, and trips to the country. It ultimately allows you to significantly save space in cabinets, suitcases, and car trunks.

For pumping air, you can use both a vacuum cleaner and a portable pump - manual or electric. The latter option is convenient when traveling, for small packages. Keep this in mind when going outside the house.

 The pump won't take up much space, but you won't have to look for a maid with a vacuum cleaner in a hotel or resort with the help of neighbors in the country to pack your luggage. At home, it is more convenient to use a vacuum cleaner, especially if the package is large.

Vacuum seal storage bags with a valve are produced as usual and with a hanger. They are convenient for hanging outerwear, and suits in a closet or dressing room. A coat packed using this technology will take up a place equal to a summer dress.

Many people like vacuum seal storage bags for clothes, especially for storing bedding. A gentle, barely perceptible smell of jasmine, lavender, apple, lilac, and rose will allow you to use things immediately after opening the package, without additional ventilation. 

If you have a regular package, you can put a sachet with fragrant herbs or pine nuts along with blankets and pillows.

  • Compression Bag Without Valve

The compression bag works like a vacuum seal storage bags, but without the use of a vacuum cleaner or portable pump. The air is removed from the filled case by twisting the bag into a roll towards the fastener, leaving a small gap in the lock beforehand. In the end, the lock is tightly closed.

This is a variant of "travel" - travel packaging. With it, you can significantly reduce the amount of your luggage and take on a trip with more diverse and numerous wardrobes. For those who have already tried using compression vacuum bags, they often cause a real delight - they are so convenient and save space.

 Huge trunks collected on the road are reduced to the size of elegant suitcases. When traveling, vacuum seal storage bags are truly an irreplaceable thing!

Experienced Traveler Tip: A few small bags will save a lot more space in your suitcase than one big one. 

The size of the vacuum bag should be approximately equal to half the length and width of the suitcase (i.e. two bags completely cover the bottom), then the savings will be maximum.

In addition, when packing things before a trip, we recommend that you arrange them evenly in a bag so that after sealing you get an even “substance”. Then more will fit into the suitcase.

Again - we hide the accessories, which can tear the package, under other clothes! Otherwise, one hole - and all efforts are in vain, and the package - is in the trash.

  • Why Use Vacuum Seal Storage Bags?

  1. Protection. High barrier properties and sealed packaging reliably protect the contents from dust, odors, dampness, and harmful insects.

  2. Durability. The mechanical strength of the material, the design of the lock, and the valve make it possible to use the bag repeatedly, taking clothes or textiles out of it as needed.

  3. Convenience. Transparent plastic makes it easy to navigate the contents and quickly find the right thing.

  4. Super compact. The products pressed under the influence of pressure are reduced in volume several times, significantly saving space on the shelves.

  • Do Vacuum Storage Bags Wrinkle Clothes?

The controversy surrounding vacuum seal storage bags does not subside. A camp has formed of those who are unambiguously for and those who are against. The main argument of those who are against it is that things crumple in them. The main argument is tangible space savings. Let's figure it out.

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The first thing to know is that things will inevitably wrinkle during vacuum storage, this point should be taken into account during storage. Do not put delicate fabrics that are difficult to iron in the vacuum bag.

 If you want to avoid wrinkling clothes in vacuum seal storage bags, the following tips can be quite useful for you:

  • Cleanliness and Dryness

Only clean and well-dried items should be placed in vacuum bags. Mold will not start in an airless space, but an unpleasant musty smell will permeate things so much that you won’t get rid of it soon.

 IMPORTANT! Products made of leather and natural fur should not be stored in vacuum bags.

  • Sorting Out Things Wisely

Carefully sort things by purpose and season. Children are separate from adults; winter to winter, summer to summer, etc. A set of blankets and pillows, which is intended for guests and may be needed from time to time, is better to pack separately. By the way, guest bed linen can be attached there too.

 IMPORTANT! Choose package sizes based on where they will be stored later. Size 50X60 cm - on shelves or in a chest of drawers, 100X80 cm will fit in a bedside drawer.

  • Uniform styling

 Pack things neatly into the vacuum seal storage bags, filling in the corners. There should be enough things so that the lock closes easily.

IMPORTANT! Accessories: locks, rivets, buckles, and massive buttons can damage the bag. Make sure they are inside the folded items. Or cover them up.

  • Sealing

First, use a special clip to close the lock. Pass the clip several times along the seam, checking for tightness. Remove the cap from the valve and twist it slightly to open it. Pump out the air in the most low-power mode. Once the air has been evacuated and the bag is significantly reduced in size, screw the cap tightly onto the valve.

IMPORTANT! For better storage of jackets and down jackets, deflate halfway. Clothes with natural down should be unpacked 7-10 days before wearing so that they have time to smooth out and take shape on a hanger.


Shelf life

Almost all vacuum storage bag manufacturer warns that things in vacuum seal storage bags without ventilation can be kept for no more than six months. After this time, you need to open the package, take out things, ventilate and you can pack again.

  • Conclusion

With our vacuum seal storage bags for clothes, we are not only the Chinese market leader but also the most popular supplier of high-quality packaging solutions in numerous countries. Bags with excellent properties for closet storage, bathroom storage, and kitchen organization are the best choice for your day-to-day packaging needs.