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[Vacuum Storage Bags Customization]: There are more than 700 patents for tool-free compression bags. TAILI provides OEM, ODM and other customized services for home storage & customized solution, and have cooperated with many domestic and oversea retail giants and TOP brands for many years, and have rich customization experience and perfect performance.
[Suction Cup Products Customization]: Customized suction cups can be selected as neutral and non-logo products. There is no mold opening cost if there is a mold available, and it can be sold just by changing the packaging. At the same time, it also provides customized mold opening services to meet the diverse needs of different customers.


[Archive Bags Customization]: The vacuum archive bags customization business is tailor-made for customers and provides personalized services. The products are suitable for customers' internal storage or products that are conducive to sales.

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Why Choose TAILI

To meet the needs of our customers we have a unique business model and value chain. It includes product development, design, supply, manufacture and sales. And of course, it starts and ends with our customers.

R&D center is equipped with doctoral workstation, new material laboratory and vacuum sealing technology research centers.

The 1500 square meter full-scene studio include bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and other home scenes.

Our marketing and operating base is nearly 2,000 square meters of office space, and. The e-commerce Asia Pacific operations center has an encouraging working environment.

The channels cover all major e-commerce platforms, allowing consumers to select and purchase products in the live broadcast hall through the anchor’s online explanation.

Industrial Applications

  • Aerospace Program

    TAILI Aerospace Cooperation Achievement: TAILI products have been in space for 10 times

    Since TAILI became a cooperative enterprise of China's aerospace product development in 2008, we learned from the advanced experience of China's aerospace industry, introduced the concept of aerospace quality management, and pursued high quality and high standards with the aerospace spirit of "rigorous, pragmatic, and brave to climb". Quality manufacturing standards are used to produce and develop home storage products that consumers can trust.


    In 2013, China Astronaut Center awarded TAILI with the contribution award for "Tiangong-1 and Shenzhou-9 rendezvous and docking mission success".      
    At the same time, TAILI was also awarded the honor of "director unit of manned spaceflight" by China's manned spaceflight project. In October 2016, China's Shenzhou 11 manned spacecraft was successfully launched. TAILI products accompanied two astronauts to complete a 33 day space trip and returned with honors! This is also the sixth time that TAILI products have successfully entered space! From Shenzhou 8 to Shenzhou 12, from Tiangong 1 to Tiangong 2, and then to Tianzhou 1, Tianhe core module, TAILI products have entered space ten times to escort astronauts' life in the sky.

  • An important embodiment of scientific research strength of TAILI--China space product development cooperation enterprise

    In September 2008, TAILI Group started to cooperate with China Manned Astronaut Research and Training Center to jointly develop space products and became a cooperative enterprise for the development of China's space products at one go. 

  • File Project

    1) Because of the particularity of the composition of paper archives (archives), vacuum sealing technology is adopted to keep the paper archives in a vacuum state. It can isolate the archives from moisture, harmful gas and dust in the air, destroy the living environment for mold and insects, and achieve the desired preservation effect.


    Compared with traditional archives preservation, archives vacuum bag packaging and preservation can reduce the large cost investment of warehouse and equipment, reduce the subsequent resource consumption during preservation, and have the direct effect of dust-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof and harmful gas prevention. At the same time, the vacuum micro-environment will inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful microorganisms endangering archives, and play the effects of mold prevention, insect prevention and accelerated aging. Keep the paper archives away from problems such as yellowing, discoloration, mildew, humidity, insect bite, water stain and fading of handwriting, so as to achieve the long-term protection effect of archives.                                 


    2)  The carrier of paper archives is paper, which is made of wool fiber, phloem fiber, wood fiber and graminaceous fiber. The main components of these raw materials are cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. According to the physical and chemical properties of paper archives, in order to prolong the service life of archives, the environment must meet certain requirements. Like the environmental requirements of standard archives (rooms), it is necessary to prevent mildew, moisture, dust, insects and light, and build a standard archives warehouse.

  • Hospital Program

    1) The endless development of the number of medical records has led to insufficient storage space.

    2) The medical record warehouse conditions of individual hospitals cannot keep up with the medical record storage requirements.

    3) The medical record rooms of many hospitals are in the basement or in idle houses. The humidity is serious, which is not good for storing paper files.   

    4) In some buildings, the fire-fighting equipment has a uniform layout, and the induction nozzles hanging over the paper medical records have the hidden danger of induction water spraying.

    5) Anti-mold, anti-pest, moisture-proof and dust-proof. After vacuum treatment, the paper medical records in the bag are in a vacuum state, so as to isolate the paper medical records from moisture, harmful gas and dust in the air, destroy the living environment for breeding mold and prolong the storage time of medical records.

    6) Through the protection of vacuum bags, the accident similar to the devastating damage to paper medical records caused by fire induction spraying is prevented.

    7) The use of medical record vacuum bags can not only reduce the huge investment of warehouse and equipment, but also reduce the subsequent resource consumption during storage and solve the problem of insufficient space in medical record warehouse.


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